Thank you for your interest in Prosper's Media Behaviors & Influence (MBI) Study.

The MBI, rich with 15 years of unique data, is available for licensing.

Prosper databases are "real dimensional"... i.e. real people's responses are compiled in a database in which every question (or combination of questions) can be used to segment and create a three dimensional view of the consumer segment. The MBI includes questions such as media consumption and influence and also behavioral questions such as impulsiveness to further connect Neuroscience and Marketing.

The MBI tracks the path to purchase for consumers and can be segmented by a myriad of ways including shoppers of stores, competitors' customers, Amazon Prime members, generations, demographics, and those who are impulsive, to name a few. This survey measures consumption of over 30 different media, how mobile and social media are being used, and the influence media has on purchase decisions.

Other trends include health conditions and insurance, pet ownership, digital activities, online research and shopping behaviors, among many other key insights.

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